Emotional Healing Workbook


I created this 16 page workbook to support you in your emotional healing journey. You’ll find:

 + 8 Guided Journaling Prompts: 

These are not random prompts thrown together, but 8 powerful questions (discussed in detail) so that when you’re emotionally triggered or you’re trying to let go of past emotions, you’re able to move through the trigger, process the feelings and find the opportunity of healing for you. Every emotion serves a purpose. Allah does not put you through heartache, discomfort or hurt without it serving your highest good. There’s something in this moment for you. This workbook will help you uncover that.

 + My Best Advice on Emotional Healing: 

It’s not enough to work through your feelings without understanding them. In these pages, I cover my best advice to support you in healing your emotions but not getting stuck in them. From actually feeling the emotions to the emotional guidance scale to detaching from circumstances and more, these pages will give you a solid understanding.

Before you dive into a tub of Hagen-Diaz (let’s choose the vegan version because that’s a little healthier ;)) or call a bestie and dump all your worries onto her, this workbook will support you in moving through the emotional chaos. From start to end. It’s not the end of your healing journey but a practical, powerful workbook to support and guide you along the way.