What If Your Deepest Duas + Dreams Were Closer Than You Think?

Experience Deep Level 1-1 Soulful Transformation. Through Radical Self-Love + Emotional Healing To Breakthrough Your limitations And Live Your Wildest Dreams.

Assalmu Aleikum Beautiful,

Remember all those dreams you cherished when you were a little girl? The dreams that made your heart flutter. The dreams that kept you up all night. You couldn’t wait to grow up. You couldn’t wait to be free and OMG an adult! 😉 That girl who would have all that she desires – the dream marriage and intimate love, relationships that deeply nourish you, a purpose that fuels you with feminine ambition and drive. A life that creates abundance and joy in every possible way.
You’d be the happiest girl in the world.
Yet somehow along the way you’ve lost yourself.
You’ve taken on other people’s crap. You’ve been deeply hurt. You’ve been let down.
The woman that you see in the mirror today is far from who you want to be. The life and relationship that she has is soo far from what your heart truly desires.
I get it. I’ve been there.

When your life looks so far from what you want. When you can’t see past the confusion but you know there must be a better way. I get it. You’ve got this yearning for a happier, soul fulfilling life, a yearning that you can’t ignore but you keep getting stuck in your own way.

maybe right now...

Your most intimate relationships are suffering

The ones that you love the most are pulling away and you're not receiving the love and affection that you know you can have. You can feel your spouse/ kids/ loved ones become distant with resentment, anger and frustration replacing the connection you once had.

You're experiencing this crippling feeling of unworthiness

You feel like nothing you ever do is enough. Even when you're busy as a bee, on your toes all day, putting everyone else's needs above yours, you go to sleep feeling deeply dissatisfied and unworthy.

You're stuck in your current circumstances

You know that your current thoughts, habits and actions are not supporting you but you don't know how to get out of your own way.

You're frustrated. Emotionally, you're reaching burn out

You can't seem to get out of your own way. You can't seem to figure it out, no matter how much you want your circumstances to change. Little things are triggering your pain.

You're heart is weighed down by guilt and doubt

You feel guilty for not being Little Miss Perfect. You're carrying emotional baggage from the past. The guilt is holding you back from making any lasting change and becoming emotionally free.

You're disappointed in yourself which is chipping away at your self-esteem

You had all these beautiful, ambitious dreams as a little girl and now? Now what do you have to show for it? (If this is how you speak to yourself, do not worry I've got you covered).

Here’s the thing my love,

“You are meant to have your soul’s deepest desires. Allah wouldn’t give you a heartfelt yearning, except that it was possible for you.”  

The yearning that you carry in your heart is not random. The calling in your soul is not accidental. You are meant to have you heart’s deepest desires.
This is why I created my signature 1-1 coaching program. For you to experience, deep level soulful transformation. Through radical self-love and emotional healing to breakthrough your limitations and live your wildest dreams. Sounds pretty exciting, right?
This coaching program was created from my years of studying Alimiyyah, coaching more than 50+ Muslim women, completing 2 life coaching certifications and investing into my own personal coaches. To date I’ve helped my coaching clients with:
– Healing Marital Issues: I’m taking the messy, ugly, complicated stuff. My clients have gone from feeling frustrated, disappointed in their spouses, a marriage where they’re shutting down from each other to receiving surprise gifts, unexpected date nights, expressing themselves fully and a happier, more loving, romantic relationship.
– Becoming Happier Mothers: Women who are raising their children without the frustration and overwhelm. We’ve worked through their emotional wounds so that they don’t take it out on their children. Coupled with parenting strategies, so that spending time with their children become a productive joy not a burden.
– Healing Ancestral Wounds: Wounds that never belonged to them. Wounds that have been carried through generations but healed and closed by them. This has allowed my clients to feel free, like a burden has been released off their shoulders without having to hurt others or pass this wound onto the next generation. This feeling of emotional freedom and release has allowed them to experience inner peace and contentment regardless of what happens out there.
 – Discovering their passions and dreams so that they can feel purposeful, driven and full of life again.
– Strengthening their faith in Allah when they came with doubt and confusion.
– Moving on from abusive marriages and long term breakups. This coaching program has allowed my clients to flourish in their careers and personal lives, where as most people would’ve let their past circumstances tear them down.
– Feeling worthy and confident in themselves. Confident in their dreams and confident that Allah can make it happen.
– Healing childhood wounds that they’ve been carrying for decades and as a result, self-sabotaging their dreams.  
– Healing their relationship with money in order to call in more financial abundance and freedom without feeling guilty for wanting more. 

“Inspired and Fabulous” came to my life when I was really a mess inside out! I just wanted help, and I didn’t know how! …The weird thing is that day just after I wrote to her, I was crying my eyes out and talked to Allah, please give my a life coach! Please help me! And subhanAllah She came, after which she coached me for 3 months! I can see the different part of me that has changed. I can bee around a lot of people now, without being scared! I don’t pretend to be someone else! I am just me! I have now more control over my mind and she is a wonderful person! I recommend her a lot! 3 words I will describe the coaching is: 1) Sweet and lovely 2) Mind changing! 3) Strong feminine energy!”  – Sister S

this program is for you if...

You're not going to settle for average

You're the kind of girl that wants that deep, affectionate love in her marriage, one that makes her heart flutter and full of endless joy. A marriage that Instagram couples could only dream of having 😉 You're the kind of girl that pours her heart into raising a beautiful family, bringing her dreams and passions to life, wonderfully feminine yet ambitious. Hello girl boss!

You're willing to be open and dive deep

Change is scary but you know what's even worse? Waiting for 5 years only to realise that nothing has changed. Waiting until your marriage is miserably breaking apart, waiting until your kids are old enough to resent you, waiting until you've hit rock, rock bottom to finally do something about it. Because hoping things will change is not a strategy.

You're ready to up level

You're here for more. You're ready to step into the next level version of you who has the dreams, relationships and lifestyle that you desire. There's no stopping you 😉

here is what you'll get:

6 x 60 Minute Coaching Calls:

You'll have a 1-1 coaching call every two weeks. So that you can consistently up level your mindset, heal your deepest wounds, dive deep into your heart's yearning and step into that magical place of abundance and flow.

Unlimited Email Coaching:

You'll have consistent, unlimited support so that you're not going through this alone. You'll have a safe space to share your current, day to day challenges and wins with coaching support to make that next breakthrough.

Access to 16+ worksheets:

To support you in releasing your emotional blocks, up-levelling so that you can attract and create the life that you desire.

Voice Note Support: (Via Facebook Messenger or What's App):

You'll have daily, voice note accountability and coaching to help you reach that next level of happiness and success faster.

Flexible Payment Plans

Your investment in yourself for this coaching program is £495 with flexible payment plans available. If you've been following along and reading up until this point, you have a calling in your heart. I invite you to follow that. I invite you, just for once to listen to your heartfelt dreams instead of being pushed by your fears. I invite you to book in a complimentary coaching call, we'll talk about your dreams, releasing your pain and fear (because holding onto that is no way to live!) and we'll assess whether coaching is best suited for you. Please note after the first session, payments become non-refundable.

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here is how it works:

If nothing changed 3 years from now, how would you feel? Honestly, if your circumstances were exactly the same as today, would you be happy? What if it was 5 years from now? Would you not want more? There’s only so long that you can run away from reality.
Facing your truth is like a huge emotional brain dump. We’re going to get to the core of this. Okay, what’s really going on? Let’s get to the heart of it. Let’s peel back the layers, let’s go back a few years. Gentle curiosity. We’re sifting through all that you’ve been through, getting it all out on paper. You’re emotionally bottled up, confused, overwhelmed but you know one thing: you want something deeper. You know you can’t carry on like this forever. 
Once we’ve sifted through your personal challenges and gotten to the root of it, there’s a good chance that your mean girl is leading the show. In fact, she’s roaring right now. Unlike that mean girl who used to bully, threaten and steal people’s lunches at school, this girl is a lot worse.
She’s within you. It’s that moany, negative nancy pestering in your mind. It’s the reason why you take things soo personally. It’s the reason why one thought alone can take you on a one-way ticket to misery, comparisonitis and feeling trapped within yourself. She’s taking you on a ride that no award winning drama series could keep up with! All behind the curtains of your mind, did I tell you she’s leading the show? 😉
Now that we’ve got your mean girl out the way, you’re left with the deep-seated beliefs and mindset patters that are no longer serving you. In fact, they’re hurting you. Your holding yourself back from going after what your heart truly desires… the yearnings in your heart that you can’t let go of.
These deep seated beliefs are holding you back from showing up as the woman you deserve to be. They’re holding you back from trusting Allah because your logical mind can’t see it happening. Stories of fear, scarcity and logical limitations but who is with you my love? Allah.

You’re going home… back to you. You’ve spent all these years running to people, from one person to the next to materialistic toys to titles of success and achievement. All in the hope that someone would desperately close that wound for you. That little girl within you, wanting to be loved, adored and accepted. Today, that will be you. You are what you were looking for in all those people and things. All this time, you’ve been searching for your own self love and validation in the world outside of you. When really, the answers lie within. Cue the Kleenex tissues 😉

Now that we’ve cleared your past setbacks and worked through your challenges, it’s time to plant the seeds of your happiest life. This is an act of faith. This is showing Allah that you’re ready with your actions and embodiment. This is stepping into that woman who already has the desires that you seek. It’s tapping into your soul and intuition so that you can call in your desires faster and became magnetic to your dreams.

It’s not up to us how and when it happens. But when you do the healing above, you put yourself in the best place possible to receive your desires. Your duas and efforts are not going unseen by Allah. This is a beautiful energy to be in – you’re free. This is about letting go of attachment, surrendering to what Allah has decreed for you, thinking the best of Allah and allowing divine timing to run it’s course. When Allah delivers, it’s always “this or something better”.


“Today is a day that’ll be etched in my memory for a long time to come. After all, it isn’t everyday that you are prodded towards a door that opens to self-love. Thank you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.” – Sister R

“AlhamduliAllah I am so content and the progress I have made is thanks to you and Allah. May Allah reward you for the amazing work you do! Umm Hafsa, you are an amazing therapist/life coach. I feel like a new, improved and stronger person. May Allah give you success in dunya and akhira! I thank Allah that I found you 💕”  – Sister H

“I must say I benefited from our sessions because they occurred in a moment in my life that was extremely difficult. I felt stuck, scared and very overwhelmed by my emotions. It was great to talk to a sister who doesn’t judge you and who is very understanding. Even thought we couldn’t see each other, I could feel and hear your empathy in your voice. The sessions were extremely helpful in providing me have more clarity and a step by step plan to tackle the situation I was going through Alhamdulilah” – Sister B

“Alhumdulilah praise God I had a wonderful free life coaching session with @inspiredandfabulous today. She shook me up and rattled my cage, leaving me plenty to work on.” – Sister K

“Hafsa is an inspiring teacher and her enthusiasm shows in her course material. Ma shaa Allah, tabarakAllah. I love how she adds bits of her own life to illustrate certain points. The storytelling aspect touched my heart and helped me dive deep into the course to extract the lessons. The course material is neatly organized and well paced. The Islamic references given to clarify the lessons make this course suitable for Muslims and this is an important factor missing in self-development courses designed by non-Muslims. I highly recommend this course to those who are interested in self-development from an Islamic point of view.” – Sister S

“I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the love, hope and inspiration I feel whenever I read your work. The profound words, the immense love and understanding are just the tonic that’s needed, most days, sometimes always… It is your words, kindness, your this beautiful blog that gives me hope. Hope I’m desperately always searching for, desperately in need of. So thank you to you and all your hard work, it’s the float that’s keeping me above sea level, especially in the dark hours, when everything is still…” – Sister F

“I found the coaching session to be thought provoking and insightful. I now feel empowered to lift the lid of my self-doubt and achieve greater results in my job.” – Sister K

“…You are massively inspiring & although I cant claim to have gone through what you have, there are similarities in the struggles. I literally feel all the positivity, light and joy your online presence radiates…I actively started understanding the role my surroundings and personal well-being played to achieve my goals. I am not all there yet but I hope to be consistent and aim to put myself first wholeheartedly and without regret. I hope one day to achieve the self love that you exhibit inshaAllah” – Sister N

“Thank you so much for everything! I will be going over all the wonderful
notes you sent and will try to continue the work we started together. I have learned so much from you. You have a beautiful, soft no judgement approach that I absolutely loved.” – Sister F

what to do next?

Here’s what to do now:
Your first step is scheduling a free coaching call so we can get clear on where you are right now. You’ll leave the call with more clarity, a deeper understanding of yourself and an inspired action plan of your top 3 steps to up level your life.

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